RENTAL TRAILERS — Our rental trailers are located on sites 6, 18 and 24 this year, To book one of these trailers please text 780-668-6523.  Info can be found here:

WASHROOMS — We had a few complaints about washroom cleanliness last year. So this year we are going to close the washrooms for time each day (times still to be determined), also anyone entering the building to use the washroom or pool will be required to remove their shoes as most of the dirt comes from the outdoor shoes.

SAFETY — We are putting up more cameras in the common areas due to damage to campground property and trespassing on personal property last year.  We would like to introduce new activities on site but need to monitor the damage which will be charged back to the parent/host of guest or individual who damaged the property.

Some of you have noticed that there is a grassy area at the back of the campground.  Going forward this will be a completely restricted area due to liability and safety.  Please advise your children of this as well.

PLEASE READ OUR CANCELLATION AND RULES AND REGULATIONS – Yes they seem long and some silly to have in writing but what seems to be common sense isn’t always as common as you might think. You will need to sign off on these electronically before staying with us on site.

DEBIT AND CREDIT CARD CHARGES – In 2024 the store will have a minimum charge of $5.00 for credit/debit card use or an additional .25 charge for anything under $5.00