We are so excited for the camping season, it will be here before we know it. We had such a great first season with some learnings and feedback therefore here are some changes to be aware of:
– Individual reservations will be moving to ON LINE ONLY.  Phone/email reservations WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. The reservation link will be available on Facebook and our website. We heard from many folks they prefer on line reservations options and with us being a small family run campground and who still work day to day jobs we hope it will help us manage things better as well.
– We have not raised our nightly rates from last season however with the booking on line there is a booking fee of $5.00, as most systems have now a days.
– Group reservations in Group A/B will remain to be by phone at this time, and payment will need to be up front. Although by phone there will still be the booking fee as we use the system to slot you in.
– We have changed our cancellation policy to be by 2 PM, 10 Days prior to your booking for individual bookings and 30 days for group bookings. There is a $10.00 non refundable cancellation anytime fee, the booking fee is also non refundable. This is to minimize booking numerous sites throughout the season and cancelling days prior to. Last year we turned away 100’s of potential bookings for sites that were originally taken but cancelled days prior and we were not always able to fill them. The method of booking numerous sites and cancelling is also not fair to others looking to enjoy our space with us. Reservations will be transferable by email only to with the details of your booking and who you would like it changed to with phone numbers.  We will try to assist in filling the spot if you need to cancel within 10 days of your booking.  If we are able to fill it we will refund the original booker, however; if we can’t fill it the cancellation policy will be in effect and cost will fall on the original booker.
– When booking PLEASE READ OUR CANCELLATION AND RULES AND REGULATIONS on the booking site…. yes they seem long and some silly to have in writing but what seems to be common sense isn’t always as common as you might think. You will need to sign off on these electronically before staying with us on site.
– For those who have not stayed with us, we consider the Lindbrook Star Gazer to be a semi full service site. Guests fill up with water at the pool house. At your site you will find power, your picnic table and fire pit. Sani dump is on the way out.
– Currently the website is for reservations starting April 15th to October 23rd. However these early or late dates are dependent on weather.
– Pool and pool house/store will not open till the May long weekend and will close the end of September long weekend.
– In 2022 the store will have a minimum charge of $5.00 for credit/debit card use or an additional .25 charge for anything under $5.00
– Pets are allowed, must be cleaned up after and leashed at ALL TIMES,, this includes on your site. They also must be with their owner at all times.
We look forward to seeing you and your families during the upcoming season where we hope you will make some lifelong memories.
Krystina/Bernie and Family


Check in is after 2 p.m. the day of our booking.  Check out is your last day by 11 a.m.


The pool will be open (pending AHS and management discretion) each day from 10 AM – 8 PM. We try to cap the number of guests in the pool at 30.

We can NEVER guarantee the pool will be open.  We will do our best to have it open for our guests.  However, there is a lot to running a pool, many measures to be followed to ensure the safety of our guests.  Phone 780-662-4439 for availability.

We reserve the right to alter any pool/office or store hours.


Currently we are not taking any more seasonal spots for the 2021/22 season.  If you would like to be added to the waitlist for 2022 and beyond on please email: