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Watch a fly over of our campground! Thank you to Tom Johnsey.

New features to the playground

Canada Day 2019 Fireworks

We’d like to remind everyone, that the rules we have set up for the campground are so everyone can enjoy themselves. 99% of our campers get that and abide by the rules and we so appreciate that.

For the 1%, well we thank you too because you teach us every year what we will and will not tolerate. And just for the record, when you do not abide by the rules you end up on our “black” list. If you want to come back to the campground, the black list is not where you want to be.

You can call anytime after 9am on March 1st to start making reservations.

We do need a valid credit card number in order to hold a spot for you, so simply asking us to book you into a site for a certain date does not ensure your spot. We reserve the right to pre-authorize or take full payment from anyone who has had their card declined for any reason.

Give us a call with a number you can be reached at and when you would like to camp and we will call you back to help you with your reservation. All messages are answered in the order they are received and all calls are returned but if you feel we have missed your call, please call back.

We do our best to keep you in the site you requested but we do not guarantee a specific site.

Our cancellation policy is 72 hours for long weekends and 48 for all other times for all sites EXCEPT GROUP SITES. Group sites require 10 days notice. There is a $5.00 cancellation fee per site for all cancellations regardless of notice. If inadequate notice is given we reserve the right to charge you for all sites and all days you have booked. Cut off time for long weekends is Tuesday at 2 p.m. Any other time is 48 hours prior to your reservation by 2 p.m.