Lindbrook Stargazer Campground Rates Daily Weekly
50 amp pull through sites $47.00/unit $282.00/unit
30 amp site $45.00/unit $270.00/unit
15 amp site $42.00/unit $252.00/unit

All prices DO NOT include GST

Extra units, check management for approvals, are $38.00 per night.

We have 2 group sites available:

The following rules will apply to all group rentals.  Please read carefully.

    • There is a $5.00 per site cancellation fee regardless of when you cancel.
    • If 10 days notice is not provided for group sites, we reserve the right to charge you for ALL sites you have booked and for ALL days you have reserved.

Group A has 6 sites but will hold more units if needed.  You are renting a minimum of 6 sites.
Each site is $45.00 Extra units are $38.00 per night.

Note: There is a minimum of 6 Units in Group A and a minimum of 4 Units in Group B

We can only hold 3 sites with one credit card and those card holders will be responsible for all the sites in the group they are renting.

Group B has 4 sites. You are renting a minimum of 4 sites.
Each site is $45.00. Extra units are $38.00 per night.

NOTE: Camping rates are based on one family (2 adults and dependent children) and one pet.

Sani dump: $15 (Fee does not apply to campground patrons)
Water Fill-up: $10.00 (Fee does not apply to campground patrons)
Day use/swimming: $ 5.00 per person or $ 20.00 per family (Fee does not apply to campground patrons)

Seasonal sites: Sites are available from May long weekend to October 1st for occupancy,
you may also leave your unit over the winter provided we have received your deposit for
the following year by October 1st. Sites are $2300.00 per year. A non-refundable $300.00
deposit is required by October 1st. The remainder is due May 1st.

Prices do NOT include GST and are subject to change without notice.


Cancellation policy:

*There is a $5.00 cancellation fee for each site booked if you cancel for any reason.
*You will be charged the full fee for all sites booked for the duration of the booking if you do not give adequate notice. 10 days notice  for all group sites.  72 hours for long weekends and 48 hours for all other times on individual sites. Cut off time is 2pm.
EXCEPT GROUP SITES. Group sites need 10 days notice.
*Check in any time after 2 pm. Check out time is noon, additional usage/time must be approved and day use rates will apply.

We reserve the right to evict anyone/unit if our rules are not abided by.

Reservations are strongly encouraged. A valid credit card is required to reserve a site. We reserve the right to pre-authorize or take full payment (at the time of reservation) from anyone who has had their card declined for any reason.

Requests for Specific Sites:
We try to satisfy requests but do not under any circumstances guarantee specific site numbers,  they are assigned upon arrival and availability is dependent on the circumstances for that day.

Please email lindbrookstargazer@gmail.com or call (780) 662-4439 for reservations.